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You're at the right place! Belknap is the Leader in Specialty Torque Applications. Check out our Specialty Tools Gallery for a small sampling of what we've produced for our customers over the years.


Torque Multipliers

BELKNAP’S GEARED HEAD TORQUE MULTIPLIERS are incomparable to any other tool. The multiplication is achieved through a planetary gear train at a ratio depending on the
model. The precision gear train is totally enclosed. 

Torque MultiplierThis torque multiplier is a silent partner to all operators. It provides ample power by multiplying the amount of torque applied with your torque wrench. Basically, you can tighten high torque fasteners by only applying a few foot pounds. Relatively small, torque multipliers may be used with practically all accessory tooling and provides ample torque power in limited work areas.

Use of a torque multiplier will vastly improve the overall efficiency of the operator. It is also an easier and safer way to achieve a high torque requirement.


  • Alloy forged head.
  • High grade alloy steel internal parts.
  • General all-purpose tool.
  • Provides ample torquing power.
  • Requires limited space for use.
  • May be compounded for multiplied ratios.

Geared Head Torque Multiplier Drawing Dimensions

(all measurements in Inches)

Torque Multipliers Geared Head

Part # Capacity
(Ft. Lb.)
Input Drive Output Drive Gear Ratio Weight
A B C D E Reaction
Bar Length
OAL (In.)
LW750 1000 0.5 0.75 4:1 7 3.5 6 0.5 0.75 3.35 18 22
TD1000 2000 0.75 1 4:1 14 3.75 6.6 0.75 1 4.37 22 25
TD1500 4000 1 1.5 4.33:1 30 5.2 9.7 1 1.5 6.2 25 30
TD2000 8000 1 1.5 4.33:1 47 6.5 12.1 0.75 1.87 3.75 24 32
TD2500 12000 1 2.5 6:1 78 8.5 11.5 1 2.25 7.25 30 30

Please feel free to call us for any reason (248) 348-7800. We look forward to speaking with you.

Do not use impact driver. 
Do not use power tools.
Wear safety goggles.
Do not exceed capacity.

  • Nylon Sleeve Lug Nut Socket
    #16 Lug Nut Socket
    with Nylon Sleeve
  • Automotive VIN Stamping Holding Fixture
    #17 Holding Fixture for Stamping
    Automotive VIN
  • Socket Top Ink Marking Torque Wrench
    Torque Wrenches
    #3 Top Ink Marking Torque
    Wrench with Socket
  • Rubber Install Tool Cup Holder
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    Install Tool
  • Magnet Socket Shortened
    #13 Shortened Socket
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  • Removal Tool Hand Clip
    Assembly & Installation
    #16 Hand Clip Removal Tool
  • Crowfoot Male Square Drive by Female Square Drive
    Crowfoot Adapters
    #1 Male Square Drive
    by Female Square
    Drive Crowfoot
  • Torque Wrench Large Octal Nut
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    #7 Large Octal Nut
    Torque Wrench
  • Table for Rear Axle Build-Up
    #16 Rear Axle Build-Up Table
  • Fixture VIN Plate Split
    #5 VIN Plate Split Fixture
  • Gage Tailpipe
    #15 Tailpipe Gage
  • Torque Wrench Top Ink Marking
    Torque Wrenches
    #12 Top Ink Marking
    Torque Wrench
  • Square Drive Torx
    #4 Torx with Square Drive
  • Socket Battery Terminal
    #6 Battery Terminal Socket
  • Drive End Spanner
    Drive Ends
    #15 Spanner Drive End
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